Donate to Sea Fest

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Sidmouth Sea Fest is run by a team of volunteers that work to plan, organise and stage the event. The costs for Sea Fest 2015 are high and we would very much appreciate your help.

Please help us to raise and maintain funds for the event.

You can Donate as much or as little as you would like by clicking the button above.

Sidmouth Sea Fest celebrates the opportunities afforded ‘In, On and From the Sea’ for community cohesion, learning and social and economic benefit.

The event aims to celebrate and advocate the vibrant coastal community of Sidmouth and encourage a spirit of shared place through inviting the range of local clubs, enterprises, schools and the public to a one-day event which will showcase the activities, heritage and education that Sidmouth offers to local people and visitors.

The coastal celebration theme will harness energy and creativity, shared learning and fun, and will focus on sustainable development, responsible tourism and community participation.

In 2015 we are working with over 200 children and young people at Sidmouth Primary and Sidmouth College, we are supported by a team of over 30 volunteers at the event, every aspect of the event goes back into supporting sustainable community development.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

A donation will be made from the event to support the Fishermen’s Mission. Find out more about the Fishermen’s Mission here

The Fishermen’s Mission reaches out to both active and retired fishermen by providing practical, spiritual and financial support – as well as a vital emergency response service.

They are the only national charity that works solely to help fishermen and their families, and for over 130 years of service, the Fishermen’s Mission has stayed true to their Christian calling with a strong tradition and proud heritage.



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