Lantern Making for Sea Fest 2015

Sea Fest ‘Creativity on the Coast’ artist Coco Hodgkinson has been busy with the children at Sidmouth Primary making drapes, lanterns and more that will provide the decor for the main marquees at Sea Fest 2015.

Coco will dress the marquees with a range of fish and sea related art that she is creating and making with the children of Sidmouth. From fish printed drapes to fish lanterns that will be lit up and hung from the marquee roofs, we are all getting very excited and can not wait to see the wonderful Sea Fest environment at Sea Fest that Coco is currently creating with her helpers.

On top of that, Coco is heading off this week to workshop with children in Hastings through Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society and create additional art with them that will link back to Sea Fest and add to our ongoing partnership with our friends in Hastings.

Check back for more updates here and on our facebook page and come and see at Sidmouth Sea Fest 2015.



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